Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have never been good at juggling. Now, neither have I ever put time into it and practiced, so hard to get at something you do not practice! This being said I have decided to place all the balls I am juggling on the floor and pick them up one at a time! This way I will have the right ball at the right time in the left hand ;-).

The way I figure is I am someone who has a lot of amazing and wonderful things happening and I am going to keep them all because I can and I want too. However, the way I feel for me to best handle this is to be focused on the ball I need to in that present moment and allow the others to lay comfortably still on the ground.

Hey, if I am present and placing my energy and attention on that ball, the one in the present moment/place, then I avoid the potential chaos of trying to juggling multiple balls at once.

Why juggle multiple balls at once, potentially dropping one, or all when you can just pick up the one that you need to in that moment? Why make things more difficult?


Isha said...

present moment - mindful actions...
one ball at a time.. and yet it seems like you are juggling..
Yes yes.. a lot of good things going on... have it ALL..

Matt said...

Very well said Joe, I needed to hear that.


Joe Sarti said...

You 2 rock, thanks for your contributions to the blog and my personal development which spreads far and wide!