Friday, July 25, 2008

2 Important Books

If you want to further educate and inform yourself as well as raise some interesting questions and points of discussion on nutrition and food then here are 2 important books worth time and money.

Omnivores Dilemma by Michael Pollen

This book will discuss the politics, economics and process of Food in the US. You will learn that it is not as important as to what you eat but where it came, a question a routinely ask before purchase.

Nutritious Traditions by Sally Fallon (Weston A Price)

This will further the discussion of where foods come from and help you make choices behind what you pruchase as well as offer recipes and great education on food.

My food eating habits and purchasing habits have changed and I am not worried about calorie counts or how much fat, protein carbs and the ratios but I am focus on purchasing the highest quality foods from the best sources possible.

Some Changes I have made
*Only grass fed beef products that have been on a pasture (not pasturized or homogenized)
*Raw milk
*No pasturized or homogenized dairy what so ever including yogurt, cheese, creams)
*Soaking all grains (I primarily eat oatmeal and quinoa)
*Ensuring all veggies and fruits come from lands used with natural fertilizer and no pesticides or sprays
*Eat deep sea fish at least 2 times a week
*Incorporate wild game once a week (Buffalo, duck, goose, etc.)

This is all done at home, when we are out and about it is much more difficult to incorporate but we are conscious and we also know how to lay back, relax and just enjoy because that is another part of eating.

Side note:
Part of the reason for this is due to the fact that our bodies are not made to digest and enjoy all the nutrients that we are supposed to receive when we eat these wholesome foods. This means the value of the food is lessened and that we are starved of the key nutrients in their most natural and rare form thus our body will seek out the nutrients and we will continue to consume until we feel the satisfication, this can lead to over consumption of food and thus weight gain.

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