Thursday, July 24, 2008

Renewed and Refocused

What a 3 week trip! Amazing what being on the road, living in other parts of the world and opening your being to new experiences can do for a person. Traveling has a way of evolving me on some many, many levels it is hard to put into words. Of course, I am not talking about a week vacation in Mexico but the big trips to foreign lands where you integrate into the society and work to live like a local. I am still digesting and on sensory overload from my experience but I will be sure to do my best in the next few days to describe, sum it all up.

Today I am getting back into the swing of home life, settling back down with some new directions, big changes occuring so just wrapping my being around all this and bringing the whole of everything together. I am going to do some exercise because it has been a while since I have truly been through a workout. I know yoga is on the ticket and either some kbs or a light run we will see how I feel this afternoon, once I finish some of the projects I have to work through.

So, the blog is back up and running and look for some changes here as well. I plan to use this form of communication to share more than just my thoughts and workouts and in the process contribute to the great good of life.

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