Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trip update

In Nicaragua today and headed to honduras and the Bay Islands. It has certainly been a trip filled with adventure and true on the fly with no plans, just having faith and letting things happen. It is quite interesting to act without a plan in a part of the world where so much of it is 3rd world, 98% and you do not truly speak the language. However, you seem to make your way and learn as you go. Off to a big journey today with a bus ride or 2, a border crossing and a place to sleep (once we get there, we will find a place) before boarding a plane in the morning, which we hope in fact does stick to the schedule.

If you want adventure in a fun foreign land where travel is difficult but so much is untouched and unexplored this is a great place, filled with beautiful landscape and much more......

more to come, 13 days and living it up

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Carl Sipes said...

Sounds like a great adventure! Keep us posted when you get the chance.