Sunday, July 20, 2008

San Marcos La Laguna

We have parked ourselves in the beautiful San Marcos La Laguna of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. We have had the great pleasure of spending 5 days here chilling out on this gorgeous lake in all its tranquility. Imagine Lake Tahoe or Lake Como, Italy with magnificent mountains, sheer rock walls, green plant life everywhere, coffee trees up steep hillsides, native Maya people in traditional dress specific to each village/town, local ´Ladinos´and expats/extranos blending in with the cultures and people of this area.

Our town has a couple roads which typically on have Tok Tok´s running through and a care here or there. where we are situated is connected by many small dirt and cobblestone pathways with enough room for up to 2 people side by side.

Our room at Hotel Aaculaax overlooks the lake with 2 massive volcanos in the background and a couple of big villages tucked nicely into the green mountains.

Attached to our hotel is a wonderful and delicious restaurant called Lily´s. Each morning we sit in this terraced jungle restaurant having fresh coffee, tea and foods for about 2 hours, reading, talking, relaxing and then for the last 2 nights we have enjoyed fabulous cuisine made with spices, veggies, etc. straight from the garden by Lily herself. These tapa style foods are some of the best foods I have eaten, small but filling and full of life and taste that tempt the palate.

Safe to say this place has been a gem of all gems and a highlight in my 25 countries I have travelled, in the top 5 all time. We feel blessed to sit on the rocks along the lakshore staring at the massive volcanos, listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks beginning energized by the glorious sun and sounds of nature.

La Vida Bella

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