Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Run, Yoga, KB SSST

Today is a full day on the dock for my training. I am thinking I am going to change the schedule around a bit once my first official week hits but at this point all systems go and I feel good into week 1 of the pre-training, training.

Morning Yoga
20 minutes of Sun Salutations, series A & B

6 minutes run/1 minute walk x 6 sets

total of 42 minutes and today I could tell my speed increased and to a comfortable pace. I felt the strongest yet and came in with a strong finish on my last set (sprinted to catch up with Mia & Jaz who ran a different route). I could feel the push and strength. I have a rest day tomorrow with the 'long' run on Friday.


90 total in 10 minutes with a few weeks off feels really good. Today, the goal was to see what I could do, so I did my first round with 3/3 and decided to go for 4/4 till the end up to the last minute where I wanted to have a strong finish both for mental and physiological reasons and that indeed happened.

Next week I hope to do 5/5 for at least 5 sets, if not the complete 10 minutes. Slow and steady is the idea as this is just a secondary aspect of my main training at this point. I plan to train the SSST one day a week through the marathon and until I can do 200 reps in 10 minutes. Ultimately I feel it would be awesome to do 250 in 10 minutes however I would be pleased with the physical and mental ability to do 200 in 10 minutes and build up to this.

I have no timetable set since my goal is the marathon but I do have a plan in which I am going to use to accomplish this with the wave progressions. There are unknowns as always but I am doing my best within my power to minimize potential issues that could arise (i.e. hand tears, and overtraining specifically).

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