Sunday, July 13, 2008

A quick run down of our adventure

So here is how it has gone thus far, short and sweet

After a 12:30 am flight from San Fran which came by way of a 6 hour drive from Mt. Shasta we landed in houston where we slept on the floor waiting our next flight. We landed in Panama City and headed to another airport or we thought as the driver took us to the bus and we were hoping to make another plane flight to Bocas Del Toro. We successfully purchased tickets and arrived in Bocas, got a quick tour of Isla Colon and were lead by Antonio to Isla Carenero via a check in 5:30 pm

After a day and half we went to Isla Colon planning to hang on a beach and make our next plans. At the airport we found that our plane we wanted to Costa Rica left in 45 minutes and it would be 2 more days till the next plane our about 15 hours by the next day. So off to the hotel we just checked in (a dump) and a refund and on to the plane to San Jose, Costa Rica. Next we took a taxi to the international airport hoping to catch a flight but 350 US $ per person detered us so off to another bus station to Liberia for a quick overnight stay before heading to Granada, Nicaragua. Again we found ourselves in a sh%t hole of a place but for a quick nights sleep it worked (sleep was not on the menu, the rooster crowed all night long, yes Rooster).

Morning and off to the bus station for a quick juant to Nicaragua, but this seemed to be an issue with conflicting schedules, times, etc. so we jumped a local bus to the border which was an old bluebird school bus, not bad. Then a 2 hour wait to get our exit papers and then to the nicaragua border to get our stamp and another bus to Granada. We got a local hookup via our Spanglish and be friending the local guy from the centro of tourismo and off we went. The only problem, I had to stand for the whole 90 minute ride, not bad but when you have been traveling for 26 hours you know it.

Ah, Granada is magnificent and a joy. We treated ourselves to a nice hotel, cheap in nicaragua which is why but would have easily been over $250 us dollars in the states. We ate some great food, walked the beautiful old colonial streets admiring the architecture and the kind people and all the hustle and bustle. Reminded me of an old European Town.

Off to the races, another trip to a bus station which lead to another station and a ride to Managua where we had 5 minutes to transfer buses for the long ride to Honduras captial Tecuichigalpa and an over night stay in the crime ridden capital city where I was advised to not walk 3 minutes to get some food because "malo attencion" and muy peligriso. So starving we slept 5 hours took a taxi to the airport for a 530 am flight across Honduras all to jump on another bus for a 3 and a half hour ride to our stop tonight, La Ceiba, a caribbean coastal town where we have a nice hot shower, good food, and an ocean view in another nice place.

And who knows about tomorrow....

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