Sunday, March 01, 2009

Valuable Lessons on what could and what is!

It has been about 12 years since I stepped on too the pitch and played competitive Rugby. About 7 years ago I went out to a few practices thinkning oh maybe, just maybe I want to do this but I decided against it for whatever reasons. Yesterday was the first time I had played a competitive sport where there was physical contact, sprinting, changing directions, and teamwork involved! WOW, did it ever bring back memories....

I must say the memories are filled with lessons that have played a large part in whom I am today and I would not change a thing for I do not live in the past, but learn from it and have gratitude for it! That being said the memories are not all of which you may think.

See, today I talk about living beyond the box, exploring human potential, a life with unlimited possibilities, etc. It was not always the case for me because as a young athlete I let many things come in my way from every achieving what I could have in sport! When the going got tough, I often just figured I would do something else, that I was getting short changed (no pun intended), screwed, etc. Instead of seeing it as an opportunity to challenge myself, to better myself I choose to essentially quit and find other things.

Rugby was one such sport, I had a lot of success and was learning and growing in the game and then I choose a different route, not because of I was not playing because I was a starter at my college, playing the most important position, Scrum Half which is the quarterback of the team. Instead I choose to party. Yesterdays game was a reminder of the direction I choose, giving up my potential because at that point I was lazy and wanted to chase women and good times at the bars, etc.

All these experiences in sport are as I mentioned a part of my experiences and have shaped who I am. Because I got cut from the Baseball team, choose not to play football, choose to quit Rugby I ended up lifting weights. This has lead me down the path I currently travel, since my weight training and the people I meet from partying got me a job as a trainer over 13 years ago at 24 Hour Fitness and here I am today.

For me the moral of the story is this, life takes you down many roads and things happen for reasons, we make choices at certain points in time for reasons that may not make sense at the time but do in the long run. Did I ever achieve my sport potential no, but that does not mean I cannot achieve my potential in life, all aspects. And for me the lessons of what could have been and the reasons why it is not have given me the knowledge and now wisdom to live my life without limits, to explore all the possibilities, to take chances, make things happen, put myself out there, challenge and explore my human potential. Yesterday I got to play again and I did so with gratitude and youthful joy! I realize what could have been but live what is and that is a life full of life and unlimited potential!

I have immense gratitude for all that has happened in life and sit in awe that I am so blessed to be alive, inspired, and kicking. It is all in how you see it and do it! I am doing it and seeing it without limits, without borders and boundaries

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