Wednesday, February 15, 2006

stellar workout at a Girya

So, Monica and I trained at Girya today! What a great workout we had. I felt totally focused and strong!

Clean & Jerk 10 minutes
My goal was to do 4 reps/arm each minute and rest and repeat for the complete 10 minutes
32/4/4x10 (30 seconds work with 30 seconds rest). 80 total reps
I felt strong and consistent but need to clean up my technique a little here and there, especially the timing and power application.

Weighted Pull-ups
These felt strong and I could have done more

1 Arm Swings
wow these were good but tough. Felt good use of the legs and hips and overall strong! The cardio was good, strong and Monica and switched back & forth w/ her doing snatches & me swings....great pace!

Great workout and got my ass handed too me! Monica pushed hard & is very strong!

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