Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A special thank you

First off, thank you to Rick Ripplinger, a friend and client of mine from Cisco for bringing me out to San Diego and the Hotel Del Coronado to instruct bootcamp style his group at Cisco. He and his wonderful co-workers (Serena, Crystal to name two) opened a number of wonderful doors, which I am not sure they even are completely aware off.

One particular door is that to Revolution Fitness and Franz and Yoanna. They have been so kind and open while I was in town and I feel like I am leaving with two good friends. On top of that they are extremely talented coaches and athletes. In addition, while at there studio I had the opportunity to meet and train with Josh Henkin and Ray D'Alesio, whom are two top coaches out of the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Yoanna's sister, Natasha also invited and kicked my butt at her yoga studio in La Jolla. So, safe too my experience with the great people at Revolution has been memorable and rewarding.

Then there is Mr. Steve Cotter, who kindly opened the doors to his home and allowed my to train with him and just talk as good friends and strength coaches. I had the great pleasure of meeting his family (whose names shall remain silent out of respect to Steve and his family :-)

This evening I will get the pleasure of hanging out with David Weck, Mr Bosu himself (creator of the bosu ball and bola ball). Should be fun

All and all San Diego has been very good too me, great people, great workouts and great experiences. thank you to all of you whom made this possible at Cisco and all of you who opened your doors and minds too me (you know who you are :-)


Franz Snideman said...


It was a pleasure to meet you and spend some time getting to know you . Yoana and I both felt an immediate friendship connection with you and look forward to having you out again, or, maybe we'll even go up there to check Girya strength in Palo Alto.

Enjoy the rest of your trip my friend!


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe it was a great experience! Exciting to hear all that went on in SD. Live well my friend.