Thursday, February 02, 2006

Kick Arse workout at Girya

Ok, so did the third day of my new plan. It was awesome, although I had to cut short the workout (missed the swings) because I had a prospective client enter and start to ask many questions...she better sign, although I finished the other 3 exercises in 35 minutes and felt darn good.

Clean and Jerk
20/5x1 w-up
24/3x1 w-up

10 minutes max number of reps = 75 (the most I have done with this move)
32/5x5/side for 50 reps in 6:20
32/3x3/side for 24 reps +1 in 3:40

Definitely strong numbers but got a little tired

weighted Pull-ups (second day in a row)
12k/5x5 (got tired on last 2 reps of the 5th set, but overall felt really good)

2 kb Front Squat (went "easy" since I did pistols yesterday and quads a little tired)
24/5x5 (with a 2 second pause at the bottom of each rep)

MISSED SWINGS due to new potential client...will do tomorrow!

35 total minutes and felt great!

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