Saturday, February 18, 2006

40kg...Stones style

Alright, one of the biggest days, if not the biggest for me. Really pushed myself on weight and finally am starting to play with the about reinforcing principles!!!

CLean and Strict Press
40/2/2x1 PR

Wow! These felt pretty darn strong. I know I have to tighten up on my principles and they will be even easier. Before I know it, 5 sets of 5 reps/side with the 40kg. Sooner if I tighten up and focus on the most important aspects, the skills, techniques, principles


Ok, so not a PR with the 40kg since I have done the 43.5kg one time/side, once before. However, I am very pleased to have snatched the 40kg today. Again I have to work on principles and just overall timing (the punch) and I will be doing 5 and 5 with this soon as well.

high pull-up

Hands were toast, so did this instead of additional snatches, heck of an exercise though...really hones in the snatch skills

Renegade Row

Played with this a little. Rif and I talked and he thinks I should shift my weight more to the stabilizing arm/l;eg and add a little more rotation with my row. I found that to be easier. It will be interesting to hear what Rif thinks once he answers a few questions re this exercise

Farmers Walk
24/1 lapx1

24/1 lapx3

I have to say, it feels damn good to be getting stronger and working on my skills/techniques (the main reason I am getting stronger) However, I have so much more to learn and practice. Just need to stay focused and take advantage of the awesome coaching Rif is giving. This has been the big difference, for once I have pretty much shut up and allowed him to coach me and look at all the PRs.....and this is only over 6-7 weeks of training. Imagine what I can accomplish with more time!!!
Must keep this in mind and not let my ego get the best of comments necessary :-)

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