Monday, February 13, 2006

Friday, 2/10 at Steve maxwell's Maxercise in Philly

Today I had the great pleasure of visiting Steve Maxwells gym in Philly Very cool place, two levels with ample equipment, everything you need and so much more. I was very fortunate and had the whole upstairs floor to myself, a jujitsu room filled with Kettlebells, a dream come true :-).

I did not feel it today...still fighting off the beginning of the cold and just a little fatigue from flying across country and just jamming around the whole excuses though so I went out and sent some small PR's

10, 5

Supersets Pull-ups/2 hand swing
5, 40k/15
5, 32k/20
5, 28k/25
5, 24k/30

Superset 2 Pull-ups/DARC
5, 40k/20 (PR, never used the 40k for DARC's....felt great!)
5, 32k/30
5, 28k/40
5, 24k/50

Superset 2kb Turkish Get-up/Deck Squat
TGU 16kg/2/2 w/ Decks 24kg/10 (these are both PR's...only attempted the TGU on Tuesday, just one rep and as for the Decks, first time with the 24k)
TGU 16kg/1/1 w/ Decks 24kg/10
TGU 16kg/1/1 w/ Decks 24kg/10

The TGU's were really tough, great for the core and shoulder stabilization. The Decks are just a gut check, have to push through. Just when you think you are making really good progress you become humbled again. The KB's are just amazing! I love what I can do and what they have done for me and just look to establishing more PR's and more importantly becoming a true master of the bells.

For a day when I did not feel at my best, I am proud of myself for not dishonoring Mr. Maxwell and his kindness for the use of his facility. I think he would smile to know that I established some small, but important PR's at his facility.

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