Monday, February 13, 2006

Suck it up day at Stones...2/13

Ok, no excuses. Got home around 3 am from Washington D.C. Wasted tired, travelled for over 12 hours yesterday and just a culmination to a long travel week across the country....a great week at that. So, took a 10 minute nap and alarm went off and I said "lets go"

Warm-up with Triples....start at 135 increase by 20kg x4 sets/3 reps (per set)
365/1x1 (mixed grip)
415/1x3 Last one best one)...a little forward need to lift chest and wedge

Altogether increased intensity, decreased volume due to limited rest. However, I felt strong and focused! Pleased to say the least. I truly am finding my groove!

(approx 41-43 sec of work) with about 1 minute rest between sets. Was Switching back and forth with Rif who was doing 5 reps/side. We rocked and rolled. Loved the pace and intensity
24/5/5x2 Did these just too get my volume. Made them tough because of my lack of focus...unacceptable but i will improve...lesson hopefully learned

No pull-ups...just too fatigued and no need to over do it. Next! I feel strong and motivated, nothing like pushing yourself!

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