Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cotter's Place

Today I had the pleasure of spending time with and training with a great strength coach by the name of Steve Cotter. We spent about an hour and half talking life, principles, kettlebells and philosophies. He is a brilliant man and a true warrior heart/spirit. I have much respect for him and it was a great pleasure to share time together.

So the workout was Clean and jerks for me and just double Jerks, GS style for Steve...a true mutant in every sense of the word, but to give him his true just due, a man with a strong mind, body and spirit, a modern day warrior who could have thrived in many eras.

Clean and Jerk 1 kb warm-up

2kb Work sets (a first for me, so a PR)
32/8x1 (1 minute timed set. If this would have been a 10 minute test I would have averaged around 3 to 4 per minute...however, I that would be with me setting the bells down).

45kg/5x1 (just a max set to get used to the position of the rack with such a big bell)

45kg/2x1 (wow, this was form on my left side was terrible so I am not too happy...but I made up for it with my right side.)

Overall, I am happy with the work. I tried some new things and attempted to learn GS style, which I realized is a true technical skill. I think I have much room too grow and working wtih Steve I am an even more humbled man. He did 10 jerks per side with the 122# bell, impressive...after his work sets.

thank you Steve Cotter for you time, you truly are a great man and I know you will continue to achieve great things in life!

Tomorrow on a plane to Philly, with the next stop Friday morning at Steve Maxwell's


Mark Reifkind said...

WOW dude now THATS a training trip!1 great job for going aftera ll those big lifts. incredible! yOu just dont know how strong you can be joe, you're built for it man! and hanging out with the likes of those guys will really take it too the next level.
The key is you did it and didnt get hurt. Dont get better than that! Enjoy!

Joefitness said...

thanks bro, it starts with you, my are the one who helps to mentally and physically prepare me for these steps. I am truly motivated to do great things and you will be right there with me

Franz Snideman said...

Great Job Joe! You are one strong dude and posses a similar mutant gene like Steve Cotter and my wife.