Monday, February 20, 2006

Baseline Snatch Test

Ok, so today was the first Snatch test day. The goal was 3 minutes and approximately 64 reps, after a big I just love it, this training is fantastic and Rif has really been a great coach and catalyst, keeping me focused and sound.


This (427) was by far my best pulls of the day and technically much more sound...the groove is stronger. There is nothing like the deadlift for me in terms of grit and guts. It feels so awesome to step up, focus, and just pull. I feel so when doing this, but it is truly an exercise of the mond and body and an attitude to overcome. It just is a special move for me and makes me want more every time.

24/12/12/12/12/12/12 for 2 minutes and 39 seconds.

Ok, these got tough on after about the 6th rep on the right side on the third set of 12. This would have been a good point in the test to stop and catch my breath (around 2:05). My lungs/throat was burning but darn I know I can do it, 120 in 5 minutes with a couple more months of training. Totally different exercise than the deadlift but with the clock and those reps, that grit and guts concept becomes a factor and I just do not want to fail myself! I must stay focused and train smart

Pull-ups (BW)
10, 7, 8

Great day!!! More to come!

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Mark Reifkind said...

this was a great workout for you. The 427 was seriously solid.esepcially after the 405. snatches were great and it gave you alittle more taste of what that pace feels like. all i can say is better you than me! lOL! see you tomorrow.