Sunday, February 05, 2006

Another Stellar workout at Stones 2/4

Well, today felt like one of those days when you know you are taking the right steps in the right direction. Rif challenged me and for the first time I began to understand that I am training for a meet. With this knowledge I realzie that I must buckle down and really focus on what is important to accomplish my, I pushed hard today and feel very positive about the workout.

Clean and Strict Press (by far my best in terms of Reps in a set with the 32k)
32/8 (PR for reps in a set)

Just need to remember to tighten up on the catch...the cleans are easy money :-)


(this felt great, good power and good timing on the punch) I would like to get myself tighter through the whole body and I am working on that. I will be moving up to the 32k eventually on this day and I am excited about that. Boy, though I have to do a better job at callus management.

Renegade Rows
16/5/5 x5
On the last set took did with one leg on the ground, removing the other as I pulled making the stabilzation more challenging...major focus is necessary! Overall these just felt fabulous. Have to remember great position and to push into the ground with one side while pulling with the other and to engage glutes/abs.

DARC Swings

Ok, by far my favorite swing. I love the rhythm and motion. I just feel like I can go forever and I have a much easier time using the right parts of my body. My low back is not an issue and my glutes and legs (esepecially hams) just love to push. I felt like I could do 100, it would have been a push but decide to play smart, nothing to prove. In due time I will get my 100

Training with Rif and Palmer just made everything that much better. Rif is just amazing, never failing to amaze himself or me and that just makes me want to work harder, smarter... and JP has made so much progress and is really developing into a strong person/KBer

Looking forward to Monday and then training with Yoanna at Revolution Fitness, with Steve Cotter and over at Steve Maxwells ( All these people are true atheltes and professionals who have been kind enough too spend time with me and push me! WOW!

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