Friday, August 01, 2008

Long Run #1 of pre-training routine & yoga

Today was the first long run of the pre-training routine. The distance covered 6 miles including 3 hill runs of no more than .25 miles. I employeed the run/walk strategy throughout which was a bit off including the hills but I adjusted as necessary.

The breakdown
6 minutes run x 8.5
1 minute walk x 8

total time 59:30
total distance: 6 miles (give or take a couple tenths)
total hills: 3
Location of HIlls: Lower half of Stanford Dish Trail and in the middle of the run mileage.

Feeling: I went out a bit stronger than I probably should. At this point this would be tough to do over 26.2 miles but considering I am at the end of week 1 of 3 during the pre training, I should be very happy.

With the change in date I have to adjust my attitude and ego :-) toward a time goal. The real goal is to finish, strong and health. With the ultimate goal of doing The San Diego Rock N' Roll May 31 st where I can make an more accurate judgement of a time goal based marathon.

I am a competitor, especially with myself but I have a longer term perspective on this and I want to stay clear of ego getting in the way. I hope to demonstrate and learn how to implement this type of program with my cross-training regimen. In the process I will be better able to educate and share with others as the goal of running and marathons is something that is quite popular.

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