Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Changing Tides

Life and time is in a constant state of motion, a continuim! And as each moment blends into the next, change is happening on the deepest cellular levels and on the outer most superficial levels.

It is our ability to recognize, be conscious of this present moment, living in the present moment, the ability to adapt, improvise, overcome, and for me flow with the currents of life that truly define our ability to translate what is and live what is.

I write this as I currently reflect on all the amazing changes that are happening and as I step back, step away to look upon the situation with a soft gaze and compassionate eye for my own existence and present moment, present state and how I sit with, be with what is.

The beauty of it is I am able to practice what I preach, life the words I write, speak, translate and communicate putting them into action. As I am asked to do a certain action or actions, which I was not prepared for in terms of the specific moment they were going to appear, but was aware were going to happen, I am ready to respond! Employing the concept of being a few steps ahead of the curve has put me in a position to be able to stay calm, peaceful, grateful, compassionate, conscious and present as these changes are put in front of me!

My practices, my philosophies are ringing true and I am so humbled by all that life is placing on my plate and that are affirming what I feel is the wisdom I have gathered through my numerous experiences. If it was not wisdom before it sure is becoming such. By the way, what the heck is wisdom?

I will say that the years of work I have put into my own personal growth, the words I have read, the ones I have spoken and that have been spoken and shared with me, the daily actions such as yoga and meditation and other forms of 'physical' practice, etc. truly are becoming ingrained in me to the point where they are not thoughts but a way of being, truly an organic and all natural state of existence.

This is a process, truly a journey and I have been consciously going at it for a long time and I find that my consciousness around it grows as I live and act in the present and in my essence. This is evident by how I use this space to communicate and share. What once was a place for workout logs is now what it is...another change that I embrace.

Change is exactly that and we all have our own way in which we approach and deal with the constant changes going in and around us. I say stay present, stay flexible and if at all possible, at least one step ahead. I encourage you to empty your cup of ideology and be open to what is, what is truly happening. I say do not judge but be at peace with the change and I will admit this is easier said when you are present, in your essence and one or more steps ahead.

Do not deny yourself or anyone else the opportunity, for you are the change you wish to be and see in everyone and everything. So embrace and flow with life and you will find that things are much smoother, much easier when done so!

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