Monday, March 02, 2009

Stand Up, Step Forward, the TIME IS NOW!

Pain is part of life or it seems, at least this is my experience and the majority of folks whom I know and have encountered seem to have had similar such experiences. There are those who do not suffer pain, few and far between but it does exist. I argue that after a certain point, after say various stages of growth and evolution one can never encounter pain again. Yes, this is a very eastern approach similar to buddhism and taoism but it is possible even if you do not believe so, it is possible for others and I want to encourage you to contemplate and explore this.

I will say the pains I have experienced have played a pivotal role in my current state of being and existence. It is through the suffering that I learned and continue in hindsight learn so many deep rooted lessons that continue to help evolve me on my path! I am grateful for all the experiences I have encountered and would not change any of them.

But here is the bigger picture, we must evolve, we must make a choice, make a decision to not allow these so called pains or negative experiences hold us back, keep us down, prevent us from, allow us to be miserable, or as I like to say prevent us from ever reaching beyond the pain and out into the world beyond the pain, into our true beauty and essence, into our human potential as loving, compassionate, kind, thoughtful, 'positive', fun, peaceful, grateful beings that we are and can be!

It is all too often that I see people allowing themselves and their 'negative' or painful experiences holding them back from all the beauty that exists in the world. Sure, we may need time to work through, wallow in self pity, etc. in order to learn...this was my case but I did not let go on for years and years and years and just never seem to get out of the 'funk'

Shit people, what the f*ck this is your life, wake up, reach out, step forward, challenge yourself, shift your paradigm, be the change, change the way, help others, etc. there is no shame it is time the TIME IS NOW to wake the f*ck up and stop blaming others, including yourself, learn what you need to learn, do what you need to do and get out a live! Live the Life you wish, be the person you wish and the person you wish others to be! Sh8t, sitting in misery, being in misery, living in a box and hole does nothing for you or anyone else. PS: people are not waiting for you, time is not waiting for you. I understand that maybe it has been 'harder' than others, that things are not how you wish but is sitting and wallowing in self pity how you wish?

It is you, you are the one, you are the difference, you are the creator, you are the change, you are responsible, you are accountable for yourself, you are you and know one else, so stand up and step forward!

The TIME IS NOW and always will be

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