Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It is with great humbleness and humility that I write and share my being with all whom take the time to engage and exchange with what I present. For this I openly admit that I am a passionate soul who has strong believes but also who is willing and open to admit that I am not attached and therefore willing to adapt.

Why? because evolution is dependent on a species ability to adapt and progress beyond their current state! I stand firmly but flexible and willing to bend and give accordingly. I use great discretion and meditation to feel the way of the path and which direction is best travelled.

I really appreciate the wisdom behind Bruce Lee and his philosophy. I have great respect for the words he has chosen to share his being. This particular quote below truly describes where I am on my journey.

"Before I practised the Way, A cloud was just a cloud and a mountain was just a mountain. After I'd studied the Way, a cloud was no longer a cloud, a mountain was no longer a mountain. Now that I understand the Way, A cloud is again just a cloud, a mountain is just a mountain. (The clouds and mountains are simply kicks and punches)."

As I have travelled far and wide and continue to do so I have found the simplicity that is life. We all are working to make our "Way" in this life, this world and I am no different. That is one of the true insights, is that we all are the Way, we all are truly unique but truly the same, human beings traveling a journey.

As travelers we look to take a path, some follow, some breakground, there is no right or wrong way, just whatever fits you best.

Some things I have found and reflect on for myself:
*Share and exchange with people in a humble, compassionate, open (non-ego), loving, kind, respectful, gentle manner

*Listen to what is being said, what is going around you and let the sounds flow through you and take with gratitude what you wish

*Do not pass judgement on others, for we are only human and we can only know what we know. Instead being open and willing to explore with people helping each other evolve.

*We are only limited by our own believes and those whom we let influence our believes. So, again listen and appreciate the words of others and just know that those are their words and it is for you to formulate your own, but always with respect, compassion, gratitude and love...not judgement!

*This is YOUR life, no one elses! Live it and if you embrace an attitude of gratitude and unconditional love and compassion for all beings and our open to any and every possibility, because they are endless, then more doors and portals will open and so will options, opportunities, experiences, etc and who knows....

*Give it your best day in and day out! What the heck, it is life and you are living! Embody and be your essence through each moment and do not let anyone tell you different!

*You are wise, you are beautiful, you are human! embrace your being, embrace life and create like Picasso your own unique work of art.

*The key is to live with integrity, gratitude, compassion, unconditional love, appreciation, within your essence, with faith in yourself, believe in yourself, and the no matter what you do in life, good things will come because that is what you see, that is what you choose, Good things!

*The time is NOW and it is YOU who truly makes the difference in your life!

*We are a global community and our choices affect everyone and everything because all things are interdependent, all eco-systems and organisms work with each other to create the beauty that is you and this life we live! Appreciate and embrace the fact that you are a part of a large whole and your part is equally beautiful and important as all other parts but no more than any other part for all humanity is a creation and it is our role to make ourselves and be the change, be the beauty we believe in!

The list can go on, I just had to put this on paper. For I am grateful for all the beauty that exists, for all that I have been so fortunate to experience, for the gifts I have been give and cultivated, for the friends, family, people in my life!

I know as a student that my embracing and embodying these things above have only made my life the best possible life! For a cloud is just a cloud and a mountain just a mountain and how beautiful and simple they are in their essence! Gratitude!

Namaste and Om Shanti

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Cecilia Tom said...

This is exactly what I needed to hear tonight. Taking it all in ... with a smile, in wonderment! With gratitude, to you and all beings.