Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do not wish failure upon another!

Leadership is a trait that is not just a part of a personality or characteristic but it is an Action, a practice, a way of living! What kind of leadership do you want? Are you a leader? These are questions worthy of asking, life or death no but at least worthy of considering.

Why this topic, why today? Well, in times of need, when people are down, people are struggling, morale is at a low and the world is facing a looming crisis or at least that is what is being portrayed we need strong leadership on all levels. We as a world community need to come together and help one another out, help our brothers and sisters of this world.

Now, whatever your party preference is your thing, who I am too say. Plus, too me this is not about political parties, etc. this is about serving one's own interests over that of a nation and world for that matter. Today, a well known Republican came out in support of President Obama failing!!! What the f&*k is that all about?

Do we not realize that when our President, whether Obama, Bush, Clinton, Nixon, etc, fails that all the people in this country suffer? We have to accept what is and embrace, if not challenge but we as a people should not be wishing the demise of Obama or the Democrats or even the Republicans at this or any time.

People it is BIGGER than the name, bigger than the party! Get the heck over it. Sure we all have our views and differences, this is what makes us who we are, who am I too judge. No matter what, we should not be hoping for failure but encouraging and working to help our people of this wonderful nation and world, prosper in health and wealth!

It may be cliche, but we need to Unite! after all we are part of the "uni'verse, and we function as a unit even as individual cells. When the cells run rogue, the unit as a whole suffers. So, lets work as best and close as possible to help the unit function at its highest!!

We are One and Believe me when I say what you do matters!


Cecilia Tom said...

Yoga is union, and a call to practice yoga is a call to unite! We do not need to all think or act the same, but wise action is about putting the common good above narrow self interests, intelligently and with compassion and respect. True leadership is to take karma yoga to the highest level. May our leaders, and each of us, be blessed with wisdom in all our actions!

Joe Sarti said...

Amen sista CT! Beauty!

Aaron Friday said...

I agree. What else can I do? Your argument is persuasive. I voted third-party across the board in '08, but my opinion is that the current administration is doing a great job.

No matter what, a contentious spirit will help no-one in this environment. Press on and do well.

Joe Sarti said...

thank you Aaron, I too am pleased as a citizen of the US and World with what is happening. these are challenging times unlike we have experienced, so banding together and taking care of our own piece and part will help...I am doing so in Australia contining my peace operations and sharing/spreading the seeds of respect and compassion and gratitude for all of man kind!