Thursday, March 12, 2009

Part 3: The Artist

The Artist:
So my skills as artist are wide and varied. My work appeals to a select group of individuals. Like Picasso I have and do incorporate many techniques from charcoal to acrylics. Therefore when you look at my artwork what you see is an interesting collage of unique pieces. Now, the foundation, principles, concepts and systems of each technique or piece is similar. What is in place is a system that continues to evolve and grow based on a strong core. Now, philosophically speaking the system is adaptable and there is no attachment to ‘one’ way. Simply put I do not want limitations but instead want to be open to the unlimited possibilities that life presents in each and every moment. This is why the variety of works and techniques!

As an artist I am constantly sculpting, drawing, throwing paint on the canvas in a playful manner with an idea of how it might be but open to the possibility of what it will be. As an artist I enjoy each stroke of life, each stroke I take making certain that I am conscious of what I am doing and truly taking time to enjoy the work as it is being done. As an artist I realize as I finish one piece of work that there is so much more to explore and therefore my work is truly never done. Also as an artist I take time to appreciate and show gratitude for all the other artists and look to them as teachers.

As an artist I am constantly looking at things with an open mind and curious eye. I am looking at the geometry, physics, algebraic equations of how everything fits together to appeal to the individual, to make the individual realize the true unconditional love and peace that each work offers. The blend of all these mathematical concepts combined with the natural state of existence lends to my creative love for art and the art of being human, the art of being peace, the art of unconditional love for self and all things

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