Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Part 2 of the definition

The Scientist:

I would say that being in the field of health and wellness is my destiny. From out of the womb you could find me with a ball in my hand or playing sports. At a young age I was introduced to the gym and started lifting weights in preparation for sports or at least I thought. Little did I know I would end up where I am at but it sure does make sense.

From my first job as a personal trainer I was a student, a sponge for information and have the certifications to back it up. This led to me obtaining my Masters Degree in Kinesiology and where I truly began to understand the science behind the training or as I look back now and say workouts.

As a professional I find the technical aspects, the scientific, mathematic, physics, geometry, etc. aspects are integral to being able to train, teach and coach a person to their best. Because of this I have become a scientist who incorporates the math, physics, geometry, algebra, etc. into my practice.

Being and becoming a scientist has made me mechanically & technically very strong and this has shown in the results my clients have achieved as well as my own personal results.
The basis is science, anatomy and physiology but the difference is in the application.

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