Saturday, February 23, 2013

Crush it!

My favorite day, one because I have 3 amazing training partners who offer so much in so many ways, I get to listen to Rif, and last because its snatch day.

The snatch is such an elegant, athletic and animalistic movement. It is a skill and once the skill comes together the possibilities are endless. Today we had high rep sets with a bell that is say 50% of my max snatch weight at this stage in my current training, so I know its going to be fast and fluid and with the high reps get the heart pumping and lungs breathing.


This was a PR for sure with this bell in total volume, reps/set, etc. And it felt great! I certainly felt the heart and lungs working but I also felt everything flowing, it all coming together with a speed and grace. (Sorry forgot video, I was just so in the moment, haha). Really pleased with today! I finished strong knowing I had a bit more in the tank but stopped at the right moment/place.

Clubbell Shield Cast
45/10/10 PR

Another PR! Was stoked. Warming I was not sure I was even going to use the 45 but in my second set I just felt things come together. The 45 was easier on the first side, had a few ugly reps on the second side but pulled through. Very happy to handle this bell with volume.

Toes 2 Bar
5 reps x 4 sets

Strict, dead hang and straight legged. A first across the board. Very pleased with the evolution of this movement. Way stronger and more connected than ever. On last 2 sets held a hanging L-sit and even added a Hanging L pullup on the final set. :-)

Great day, sure can tell I am done with Board exams!!!


Mark Reifkind said...

You did indeed crush it Joe. Sprinted the whole way. Nice work man and the program is in your mail

Joe Sarti said...

Thanks Rif, we all did today! Great group energy today! Thanks for leading from the front :)