Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Peak of a Cycle

Today marked the peak of a long cycle. Started in the New Year, post graduation. Knew this would be a good time as I am shifting into another stage of Life. The last 3 years were intense. I finished a 4 year program in 3 years, while working and attempting to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which was much much more difficult than expected. So, it feels good to be training, not working out, but actually training with a plan and executing.

Double Kettlebell Band Press
16kg with Blue Bands:
3/3 x 5

Overall this was a good weight/band combo, hard enough but not overwhelming. Still working through this and figuring things out, but I certainly like the combination and feel it will pay off. Really teaches concepts of linkage, tension, position.

Weighted Pull-up
24kg/1 x 4

A good pull, felt strong and on any other day would increase volume. However, this is the end of the peak and establishes a solid foundation moving forward. Monday was a big volume day so this would have benefited from another rest day. Feels good to be getting stronger in this move, especially tactical style which is by far a more challenging pull-up.

Double Kettlebell Pistol
20kg/1/1 x 3

Yeesh, these are hard! holding the bells in a racked position really changes the dynamics and distribution of force in the move. Single bells are far easier, as you lever yourself, not with doubles. Again reinforces principles of being tight, holding and finding position, connection the body, etc. I am really happy with this number. My second set as shown on the video was the best.

1 Arm Swing

Not much too say, but the right hand grip strength struggled with the Beast

Gamma Cast Clubbell

Overall, I did not have much juice today. 7 more days of review and honing in before boards, so my brain and CNS is certainly suboptimal. I have good things in place to keep my strong and focused and one of those is assessment. Today I assessed that volume did not make sense. Put effort and intensity into a few good reps/sets and move on. I have to be honest with myself and be sure that I stay focused on the grand prize, Feb 21st stateboard exam. This is important and integral but for another week, secondary.

Its a philosophy, Its an Attitude

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