Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Somewhere over the last 3 years there seems to be a shift in yoga. In particular the type of classes being offered. Today it seems that the few classes I have attended are more about yoga fitness than yoga practice. No meditation, nor pranayama, and short shavasana. Now my sample size is not large but my experience has been such in the classes I have attended.

Today was no different. Let me preface by saying I still enjoy the class and do the work and of course use my own practices when and where applicable. However, I know what I like, what I need and what I want and I am not finding it. But I believe there is a place and time within my area of residence that will meet what I want. Until then I will take what I get and make the most out of it.

Todays class was called Warm Yoga Flow. Not sure where the flow was but it was warm. I felt like I was in bikram as my mat and clothes were soaked. Big Hip focus which is always good.

Nice thing is I did not fight my ego, I was happy to be back in the yoga space and have this back into my practice.

75 strong minutes and sure felt yesterdays training!

Some specific work to do later today but a great second day of the week! Tomorrow back at it, Kettlebell Workout 2! Some max effort!

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