Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Strength Press & Other Goodies

Alright Day 2 max effort. Started day 2 week 1 today with bottoms up press. Truly a move I never do for no particular reason but I see its value after today.

This did go as expected. I felt that my left to right strength imbalance would show and it did. In particular its grip not pressing strength. I failed twice on right press with 28kg where I nailed it with Left. Therefore did my work sets with the 24kg. Cleans were not a problem for either side
Note each top position held for 2+ seconds



Accessory work. Felt good and strong! Nice pause in rack

2kb pistol
24/1/Fx2 right made it top position but need to hold
24/1/1 legit both sides. Very Happy with this!

but of course no Video because after the first 2 sets I did not think I had it in me and planned on working negative but everything came together. My plan is much bigger so no biggie, I will get it on video soon enough. Also, I have video of me just missing double 32kg, falling at the top much like this video on my right leg. Key is I know I can do this and need to revamp the training around this to ensure I hit it. Today I made progress!

2hand swing

Focused on pressing down aka rooting and drawing up inner seam with glute contraction. Really feels good!

Weighted pull-up


Mark Reifkind said...

good. training is all about exposing weak links and strengthening them:))

Joe Sarti said...

Feels great to be training again. I really appreciate exploring the body through the training, then uncovering and crushing the weakness and making it a strength....that's the plan. Great day, tough but good. Will fill in tomorrow with core work combined with Joga ;)). Appreciate your continued help, guidance, support and motivation!