Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snatch Day

Ah, Saturday my favorite day in large part because of the fellas I train with and in small part but a fun one, the kettlebell snatch. It is such an athletic move, powerful, aggressive, rhythmic, explosive, coordinated, agile, timing, flow, raw strength, conditioning, etc.

With Rif out this week at StrongFirst Leadership meeting, it was Glen, Nick and I so we decided with Rif's approval to up the ante and hit the 28kg for a 100 reps. A first for me in large part because I have never owned a 28kg till the last month.

28kg/5/5 x 10

Felt good today, like the right weight and a real good progression. All of us looked more than capable of handling the volume and load with relative ease or at least a competent comfort level. This was fun.

Here is videos of all 3 of us from today, first up me, then Nick and finally Glen



IF you look at the video you will notice 3 different styles, all playing to our strengths.

Clubbell Shield Cast

Felt great with the 45lb bell today. Nick reminded me to let it flow and it got much easier. Really felt my posterior chain work, especially the rear deltoid.

Short day as I needed to come home and study. Repetition and review with Boards coming this Thursday!

Missed ya Rif, but we know you are reaching out and making a big impact far and wide, keep spreading the wisdom Brother, the fitness and strength world needs it, especially coming from You!

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