Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Mundane, The Routine and Consistency

When I look back over the past number of weeks I like what I see, a smart and steady progression. If I was to chart the numbers I think I would be very happy with the graphical analysis. However, to an untrained eye this stuff might look mundane and quiet boring. Funny thing is I would agree, but why?

Well, training is mundane, it is boring. Day in and day out, week by week, month by month building on the prior workouts. No competition, not every day is a PR (at least at this point for me I am not in achieving a bunch of PR's, but truly building back to where I was and beyond, then more PR's will come.), a lot of the same basic moves (which will expand here once boards are over), etc.

But the challenge is not coming in everyday and trying something new, something different, something you saw on YouTube or heard your friend did in his local gym, or on Facebook. The challenge is setting goals, putting together a program, sticking to it and making proper adjustments as needed, and just showing up and doing the work. This consistency and methodical approach is how champions are built. Gymnasts, Track Athletes, Football players, Basketball players all have routines and consistently practice said routines.

The coolest part about this routine and my consistent approach is that I will set PR's, and therefore establish new heights to excel towards. And, this will only deepen my understanding and ablility to coach and teach people how to achieve their goals. This is a great motivating factor considering my passion/profession.

I love to play, try new things, and have fun but as I continue to learn and grow I understand the need for more structure, a structure which builds the foundation to be able to play and do at a level I enjoy and do not get hurt. But let me be clear, its the mundane, the routine and the consistency that enable me to do what I do. This is by far not the glamorous or easy way, in fact I think it is the more difficult considering the general approach being marketed in todays world of Fitness. I am an old school guy, implementing old school wisdom that has worked and continues to do boring and how I love it.


Mark Reifkind said...

well said Joe. what I've learned over the years is that there is a depth of complexity inside the simple. those very small adjustments and changes, that we learn when we listen very carefully to what is going on in our body and our heart and our mind add up to very major shifts in the long run.

it's only boring if it's not challenging enough :)

Joe Sarti said...

Yes, this is inspired by lessons from a master :) I suppose I am listening ;)