Thursday, February 07, 2013

Speed Military Press

To say the affects of 6-7 hour study days are adding up is an understatement. Today marks 14 days till the Acupuncture Board Exam, and at least another 60-70 hours of studies. Therefore I am pacing myself in the gym and controlling my volume but keeping the intensity and effort high.

Military Press: Speed day with Bands
22kg KB with Red Band
5 sets of triples/side

Compared to last week this was going to be easier, lighter bell, smaller band. After discussing with Rif, it made more sense to use this day as pure speed and not a big load day, this is Monday. Felt really good, easy to maintain groove and still work. I could have added a couple more sets but not in best interests at this point.

Weighted Tactical Pullup 
20kg for 5 doubles

Felt powerful but still need work at the finish. Overall pleased with my progess. May stay here and either add a rep for each set or more sets. Key is I will add volume next week with this weight.

Double 16kg KB
5 singles/side

This is the biggest load I have had, single or double bell in a couple years. I certainly felt the hammies kick in. Overall doubles is my goal, in particular I missed double 32's a few years ago, falling out at the top of the finish so I am determined to get back. The position in general is much more difficult from a leverage standpoint versus a single bell. I love the focus and strength of this move. (Sorry for the bad video).

1 Arm Swing

Clubbell Shield Cast

All in all a good day. Consistency and progress is what I am looking for. I have no desire for elite, to compete, etc. This is my time for myself to get strong and learn as much as I can about the human body/mind.

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