Monday, February 04, 2013

Strength Day, double 40kg

Well I knew this one would be the toughest test yet, double 40kg work. Now, this is not a first but it is a first in a long time.

Double KB Military Press
40 for triples x 4 sets

As you can tell by the video, not easy but nothing I could not handle. I was very happy with triples. I figured either 5-6 sets of doubles or 3-4 sets of triples. I prefer the triples and having the Captain there provided much inspiration. He can move his fair share of iron, squatting 775 in his day so I figured a mere 88lbs on each side for press was the least I could do :-))

Double KB Squat
40kg/ triples x 3

This is for pure strength. I certainly do not need bigger legs, but stronger legs are a plus. In addition, this is the ultimate full body move, as it extends beyond the legs and involves much more of the core and back. This was easier than last week but I did separate it from the press and that helped.

Tactical Pullup
10 reps for 3 sets

This was the first multiple sets of 10 in a long time and with the deadhang which makes a big difference. I still weigh much more than I should and want too so these will only get easier :-))

Clubbell Arm Cast

Overall very satisfied with this day. Considering I am 17 days away from StateBoard exams I am happy to move my body and free my mind. I truly believe days like today are a microcosm of the big picture. Training and pushing hard, sticking to the basics and doing repetition work within the same patterns in a progressive manner builds strength and foundation. This enables one to move with confidence and peace of mind due to the fact that they have built the practice and continue to develop on a deep level the skill.

Its not about being good at a bunch of things or random, but about practicing 1 kick 10,000 times. I embrace the philosophy of the Dao and the great Bruce Lee. It has taken many years to learn this value and I understand it and know why its imperative for me and my life.

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