Monday, November 27, 2006


took myself to a new studio today and took an excellent Vinyasa class. Class was about 1:15 and the instructor was really good at explaining how to get into poses and how to get the most out of the poses. Did a lot of standing balance poses, good back bends to open the low back and a lot of shoulder work, even did a nice head standing which she helped me with.

Overall it was a great practice today. I really enjoyed the meditation aspect as right now I am practicing the art of Patience a buddhist approach philosophically speaking. I read a great article on this site

The concepts make sense and truly strengthen the spirit self, soul self. I am on a conitnual quest to evolve body, mind, and spirit and todays practice, and my daily life practice is geared towards achieving the best I can possibly be at an given moment.

Step in the right direction

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