Sunday, November 26, 2006

Playing in the Rain

Got out today with my buddy Tully and played some tennis. Just nice to be out playing a sport, learning a new game. I am an avid sports guy. I love to play and have fun, I enjoy the competition and becoming better. Now, at the current rate of how I approach sports, I will probably not becoming number 1 in the world at any particular sport but I will be smiling, playing, having fun and always be in great physical condition.

I realize I could still achieve great things if I was to focus on a particular sport, etc. but I just enjoy being, and doing whatever especially when it comes to sports and activities.

This week I will continue with my lifting program which I am pleased with and practice my Yoga more intensely. I find the yoga is good for my spirit and really connects my mind and body in a way that I feel makes me a better person.

So, another nice day playing a cool sport with my friend. Stay tuned for a what could be a wild week of varying activities.

The 2 constants are kettlebells (resistance training movements) and stretching (foam roller, joint mobility, yoga, etc.) . The other stuff just happens and falls the way it is supposed too

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