Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Some training principles

These are just some general principles that came to my mind. As with anything, there is more and I am sure if I or any of us were to look at the great blogs on the right you would and will find more. Recently a client of mine asked me if I could give her some principles to train by and these were just a few i have learned through the years

Training Principles

• Quality over quantity
• Rest and recovery (includes nutrition and sleep) are essential to progress
• Do the things that make you better
• Avoid training to failure (it is better to under train and go at it again rather than over do it and either hurt yourself or have to rest for a few days).
• Listen to your body
• Technique, not reps, sets, and/or weight is the key.
• If you train/move poorly you will develop bad habits and be in poor condition.
• Strength is a skill, learned skill
• Progression is key. Do not be afraid to rest if that is what your body is telling you
• Clarify your intentions

If you have any to add please do so. I will repost the updated thoughts

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