Sunday, November 26, 2006

A true Success Story

This is the story of Dave MacMillan, a champion in training. Dave is a professional mixed martial art fighter. He is one of a kind, talented and skilled, with the heart and dedication to be the best. rarely does a professional such as myself get to work with not only one athlete who is on a level of the champion (Frank Shamrock) but 2, the second in coming Dave. He is so kind in his words but one must understand that Dave is self motivated and together we have been able to accomplish amazing things with his physical conditioning. His blog is linked on the site, read and see for yourself. Enjoy Daves Story, we will be hearing about him for some time to come

My Name is Dave MacMillan and I moved to California to train at
Martial Arts Academy.
I first met Joe Sarti In july 2006 when he was training the Frank
submission fight team every wednesday. I enlisted in Joe's expertise as
conditioning on a Sunday when I decided to become the most conditioned
athlete in my field.

Joe's knowledge and training methods allowed me to reach my goals and
into the best shape ever. He completed this task in 2 months by just
him 2 to 3 times a week. He got me ready for my fights in California
has helped in making me a very exciting fighter to watch.

Since training with Joe I am able to keep in competition shape all year
round and injury free. He helpe me reach a whole new level of physical
mental conditioning that I never thought possible. and if you don't
me, just look at my pics.

Joe is a master of physical, mental, and spiritual conditioning. But
most of
all he is a true friend who truly cares about his clients goals and
performance. I still keep in contact with Joe via email and telephone
while I'm here in Canada. He still helps me with my conditioning even
I'm here.

I reccomend Joe's services to anyone. If your goal is to excel in your
performance, or just to get in better shape or feel healthy, Joe will
understand your goal and train you accordingly. He doesn't just train,
teaches you so you understand what your doing so you will increase your
fitness knowledge.


Franz Snideman said...

Wow! Great testimonial Joe!

You are doing some great work with the MMA fighters.


Anonymous said...

Awesome Joe! I'll have to go over and check out his blog!

Joefitness said...

The program is one thing, the effort another. Thank you Gents and look forward to us all getting together soon

Anonymous said...

agreed! what a great endorsement that is Joe! must be tons of fun eh?