Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Nice to train with someone

My buddy Mike came over to train again, he is really enjoying the bells, especially the snatch

Tonight I decided to introduce the TGU and a view of its variations (he stuck with the classic lunge style)

Lunge TGU

Overhead Squat TGU (this is a first for me with the 32kg)

This was tough but a heck of a challenge and one I will continue to work on. I could not believe I had the strength to do this overhead squat style. This was my first time doing the overhead squats with this weight and then to make it get-up style was awesome

2kb TGU

Wow, this is just an amazingly challenging exercise. Just the shoulder strength, flexibility and of course stability are incredibly strenous.

24/5/5x1 warm-up


Nice strength work. Feels good and considering I am not on top ofmy game I felt really pleased with these. They were explosive and smooth.

Military Press

Lost the strength at the end. The second set was by far my best, as my friend Mike said the bell went up easy. The key was position, keeping the bell close to the body, elbow underneath the bell while pressing, wrist straight. Simple physics, think of a pilar and remember that it has a strong base of support (feet, legs, hips), no kinks in the structure (stay link), tension dispersed throughout (complete body tension).

So, this was a good workout, I know I am not at the top of my game, but this was a very nice workout and I feel my strength coming back and energy.

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