Saturday, March 02, 2013

One Pebble at a Time

At some point in my life I was introduced to The Tao. Little did I truly comprehend at the time just how integral this philosophy would play into the rest of my life. One particular thing that has stuck with me is the idea of that A journey of 10,000 miles begins with one step. Days like today when we have to do multiple sets of high repetitions or high volume in general this philosophy is key. I use it to get into a rhythm, a state of flow where I take things one rep at a time. In particular I work to hone my skill, sharpen my edges and get better. This also plays into Bruce Lee's philosophy (A Tao subscriber) that to be good a kick, practice that kick 10,000 times.

22kg/9/9 x 11

Good work, solid effort and satisfied with todays performance. I certainly felt the flow and felt that I left the training, smarter and stronger than before.

Clubbell Arm Cast
45/5/5 x 2

Really finding the groove here. Certainly notice a Left to Right Difference but I am happy with this overall. Much work to do but progress.

Ring Pushups

Rif cue'd the hollow body position which made a world of difference, so much easier. I worked on maintaining this and staying tight, connecting head to toe. Brilliant

Nick asked where I felt it and I said no where and everywhere at the same time!

Great Day, Great team! Glad to be a member of Team Stones, its an honor to train with these men!

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