Sunday, April 20, 2008

Costa Rican Yoga Reflection #2

done! and just beginning or at least continuing the journey. Experiences such as this in Costa Rica are the kind that live forever in your spirit. having had the good fortune to have other such experiences really makes me appreciate times like these, moments like these. they are more than about what you plan in the beginning and in the end they are a soul searching journey that really allows you to look deep inside and contemplate you and your life, your place in this world and direction.

I have been building and shaping my plans for many a years now and they are and continue to come to fruition and more so now than ever before, for a variety of reasons. That being said, I am excited to come back home and take it to the next level. My life is more than about how much I can lift, how long I can hold a pose, how many cars I own, etc. Coming to a world like Costa Rica which has so much poverty and seeing the smiles, kindness and generosity of the people is truly an eye opener and lends to the contemplative process. Fitness, health, wellness, coaching, training are all part of the way I deliver my message, live my life, share and inspire others, help people and society to be their best, put their best foot forward.

So, I will refine and share my vision as it progresses but you probably have some idea. I know it extends beyond my home area to the depths of the world. Travel and teaching are in the plan and are already being put into discussion. I will be taking my skills, abilities, talents, and gifts and spreading the peace, love and kindness throughout the world. I will be back in Costa Rica, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and India from the preliminary discussions. Why may you ask I am sharing this without the details finalized, because I am putting it out there and manifesting these opportunities. Who knows, some of you may be joining me and I would love that idea, to share with others the great fortune and experiences.

More to come on the trip, yoga, etc. just need some time to contemplate and meditate

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Franz Snideman said...

Welcome back Joe! Sounds like you had a blast and time to reflect on your life! That is always a good thing!