Thursday, April 24, 2008


Today I am back on to a bit of a routine. I was able to do my yoga and KB workout which felt good. Come back slowly and with a keen consciousness in my practice of both these movement arts.


This felt good across the board. I like the comfort of the 10 reps after a long layoff (3 weeks) and the fact that I could come back after yesterday and feel strong and loose. Just spent time tuning into my technique and consistent application of each rep attempting to maintain a good arc and moment.

Self guided practice. This is key for my next level of understanding. I truly have to put myself through a series of poses and practice each one with skill and precision to gain a deeper insight into each pose as a whole and within the series. Feels good to apply all this knowledge and turn it into a form of wisdom. I keep my book handy to serve as a reminder of important elements such as teaching tips, modifications and purpose of the pose. For me, this is a much deeper look at yoga than join a class where I will work more to feel myself within the pose rather than myself guided approach. I feel this type of approach will truly give me the wisdom I seek or at least be a doorway/catalyst.

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