Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This is the fun part, putting it all together. A continual process and part of the journey. I have had to reevaluate my goals and workout ideas after this experience. After all, my purpose was 2 fold, to teach and practice Yoga on a consistent basis. Part of the practice for me is the spiritual side of my being, nuturing my spirit and creating a place of peace, contentment, and love. This is accomplished in my practice of the yoga postures themselves and through meditation (in silence).

As I continue to grow and mature I realize that my goals are much bigger than how many reps, or how much weight, or how far I can run, how fast I am, etc. My goals reach beyond just that of doing my personal training in the Bay Area and beyond personal training. This is all part of my evolution, my plan to do bigger things, not for financial means but for the community of the world.

Thus, my practices have to be consistent and have to bring peace and a balance to my purpose and intention. I realize I have gifts and talents that extend beyond telling people how many reps, what exercises to do and so on.

All things being equal I am planning on having a 6 day a week KB practice where I focus on 1 exercise
M: Snatch
T: Press & Pull-up
W: Swing
TH: Snatch
Fri: Press & Chin-up
Sat: Swing & Pistol

This is the preliminary plan and I will vary the volume, reps, weight, etc. so i can continue to practice these basic moves and continue to progress.

As for the Yoga, that will be a daily practice. I have to find out which classes fit my schedule and then I will build my own self practice around that. Plus, I am going to start to teach ASAP. The meditation is crucial factor as is the styles of yoga I plan to practice, Iyengar and Ashtanga.

I will continue to listen and care for my spirit, my body and do as it allows. This is a plan and it will flow accordingly and I will not resist but move with.



Simple day to get back into this mental state!

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