Friday, April 04, 2008

Costa Rica...time to go

Well it is that time and that day. I have planned for this for quite a long time, planting the seeds years ago and now it is upon me. I empty my cup, and open my Beginners Mind as I approach this amazing and unique experience. I have gratitude for the opportunity and at the same time realize I have been manifesting this for many years and here it is. How awesome it is to dream and know that you can do something you wish and then to see it happen before your own eyes. It is a process of patience, perseverance, and believe that I could and would make it come true. To study yoga in a beautiful locale, immersed in the culture of both a foreign land, new faces and yoga philosophy and movement is a blessing.

I could not leave without one more workout so here is how it went

5x6 (on the playground)


100 nice and easy work.

90 Minutes of Yoga with Connie at Yoga is Youthfulness in Mountain View.
Connie set the tone today and helped to prepare me for this experience, little does she know.

I hope to post while I am gone, I know for certain I will be writing and reflecting on the experience. I will return on the 21st of April! Until then, I wish you all good times, peaceful minds, and kick arse workouts! :-)

With Gratitude and Kindness


Mark Reifkind said...

have fun and learn lots Joe! see you when you get back.

Joe Sarti said...

thanks Coach! Will do :-)

Rannoch Donald RKC said...


All the best with the trip, asounds like a blast. I picked up Wayne Dyer's "Change your Mind..." yesterday. Very timely. Going to work slowly through it.



Franz Snideman said...

Have a blast Joe! Costa Rica is really nice!!!