Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I have been taking time to contemplate the meaning behind words and the letters that compose words. Here is my initial contemplation on the word Strength.

To be strong is vital to lives journey. Strength of mind, strength of body, strength of spirit all are integral aspects to health and wellness. This strength is built through action and daily practice of acts that demonstrate strength whether through movement such as yoga, running, lifting weights, etc.; through meditation, breath; through acts of kindness, gratitude; through the release of the ego. The examples of actions of strength are numerous and the importance is to cultivate strength through everything you do. This strength will be demonstrated and in turn exposed to others and you will be an example of the effects strength has. People will feel your strength and will want to learn for themselves how to acquire strength and/or share their strength with you, further strengthening the community, your community. Be Strong, Live Strong, Act Strong.

Strength is love in action. Strength is a foundation whether still or in movement, in action. We must have strength in the literal sense and figurative sense. Strength truly begins from within and extends out to all reaches of our spirit and bodies and encompasses the essence of our being. The human being is not meant to be weak and meager but strong and active.

“nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as real strength.”

Ralph W.Sockman

Strength is
*the ability to stand tall, stand still in the face of a storm.
*the ability to climb that mountain of life and face the obstacles and challenges presented along the path.
*the ability to care for others
*the ability to have the courage to evaluate and evolve yourself beyond your current level
*the ability to laugh at yourself
*the ability to endure and overcome
*and does carry you through and beyond trails and tribulations
*more than physical, strength is mental, emotional, courageous
*You and your relationships to both animate and inanimate objects/things.

*I am strong
*I have the strength to accomplish anything
*My strength is my courage
*I stand strong in my heart, my mind, my body
*I have the strength to stand tall
*In my strength, I am humble


Todd Gilchrist said...

Dude, this is some more outstanding stuff! Great info for me to add to my personal journal so I can easily review on those days that I need a little reminder!

Joe Sarti said...

Cool man. Love to share info and learn from each other. See you next week