Saturday, April 26, 2008

KBs and Yoga

The routine is ramping up and today was another good day of self practice.

Press (using a 16 and a 12kg)

Fun and requires great concentration to make sure the bells do not slip off one another and conk me on the head. :-)

Swing 1 arm

Hamstrings are a bit tight and sore from the workouts this week, especially the Snatch on Thursday and the 2 yoga workouts.
EMPHASIS: connecting my breathe with my movement creating a more syncronized movement between my body, my mind and the bell. Truly practicing the art of the move and the unity of all parts.

Yoga: Ashtanga short form 30 minutes or so self guided practice.
Including 3 Sun A's and B's
warrior 1 and 2
forward bends standing and seated
shoulder stand
and vinyasas
a few other mixed poses as well.

The practice followed a set sequence of Ashtanga moves written in my Ashtanga Yoga Book. I had no voice instruction just pictures to make sure I learned the proper sequence.

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