Friday, April 25, 2008


90 minute class with Catherine at Darshana of Palo Alto. She is a fantastic teacher, practicing her whole life (since age 4) and really knows how to teach. A lot of standing postures including balances, twists, and warriors. A great class and all that I learned over the last few weeks truly benefited me today as I could really move well into the postures and had much more strength and flexibility due to greater AWARENESS of my body in the space and posture. The blocks came in handy today as did the strap which is a key to progression and not pushing further than necessary. Plus, this truly helps me to keep better posture to steady the pose.

That is all for today, will be doing a good KB session tomorrow. Next week the plan is to have some KB work on this day as well, but slow and steady wins the race as I adapt back to Bay Area life.


Rannoch Donald RKC said...

Keep us posted Joe. You are on a great journey.

All the best with your practice.


Joe Sarti said...

Thank you Rannoch, a great journey indeed :-)

All the best with your practice and I hope to come out to Scotland someday and we will have to enjoy a training session and a good beer (assuming you do not mind having a drink)