Tuesday, June 11, 2013

300 workout

Ok, this was brutal. John B came to the gym and joined in. I designed this one specifically for access to a pull-up bar. 10 moves,  30 a piece, some split 15/15, others 30 across the board.

Here it is in order

30 two had swing
15/15 clean
15/15 squat
15/15 press
15/15 thruster
15/15 1 arm swing
15/15 snatch
30 burpees
30 pull-ups
30 toes 2 bar

Must finish all one side before doing other and must finish each move before advancing.

Breakdown....all with a 20kg
 2 hand swing through press non stop @3:45
Thruster 10/5 each side
1 Arm Swing straight thru
Snatch 10/5 each side
Finished all KBs at 9:43
Burpees 30 straight BUT 14:16 at finish (slow)
Pull-ups 10 x 3
T2B, 10,8,6,6

Total time 18:50

Crushed by the burpees, only move I do not do and it shows. Otherwise it was tough but manageable, at the end I was toast, 9 mins to do the bodyweight stuff which was slower and took longer than the KBs. Might be different fresh but this is good for me.

Plus, I did an hour power vinyasa yoga in the morning with some challenging balance sequences. Really enjoyed the practice even though I seemed to struggle today but did have a sweet shavasana.

I have to listen to this fact of my life, yoga is the best thing I do for myself and it needs to be a central point of my regiment.

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