Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beyond The Beast....PR's

Today I took a big step forward in my training and strength. I put to use the 52kg kettlebell beyond the swing. It had been some time since I had done these specific movements so it was all the more satisfying that all the work leading up to this has proved to make me stronger.

Floor Press Single Side
40/3/3 x 2
52/1 left PR
52/failed Right

My right shoulder is still not 100% due to damn forcing of Muscle Up but it's close as I just missed lockout on Right Side. However a BIG PR on the left and a strong Beast press on both sides. I have more work to do but this is a great step.

KB Front Squat Single side rack
52/2/2 PR




Yet another PR and a strong effort. left was easier again shoulder makes it harder to stabilize on Right side, but cleared a tough double on both sides. Even better was the easy Beast Triple 

1 Arm Row
52/5/5 x 1

Renegade Row 52 & 48kg (All PRs)
R: 52/L 48 for double x 1
R: 52/L 48 for triple x 1
L: 52/R 48 for double x 1
L: 52/R 48 for triple x 1

Rotator Cuff Band work

Overall a BIG day. With the weight and fact I have not done these specific moves in awhile I kept overall volume and movements to a minimum. A Strong day and good to build off.

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