Thursday, June 06, 2013

Bottoms up, jerks, and more

Still playing around in my head about my training plan. I think I am on to something but need to think about and test it. Still focused on press goal, pull-up and pistol but the other stuff needs some clarity

Bottoms up press

hard especially negative, right side a little bugged due to post delt but rolling between sets helped. The past 3 sets of 24/3/3 were powerful and fast. Stoked. 

Jerks doubles

Single set max effort. I never do these and they were awesome. Took 1:25 to complete.

Weighted pull-up

These honestly suck. Not stoked here but....


Handstand holds
3 sets

These are so much better. I still use the wall but have much better control and can remove my feet and hold a freestanding handstand for up to 10 secs, re tap and hold. These are all about practice, and I need to commit, enough said.

Concept 2 Row
250 meters x 4
Average first 3 of 23 strokes/minute. Time was 59, 55, 53. Fourth set I pulled fast at 37 strokes and a time of  47 sec.

Superset with Sara which gave me about 1:15 of rest

Jump Rope practice with speed rope
Worked technique using 1 hand, emphasis on tying rope revolution with jump in between row sets.

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