Sunday, June 16, 2013

Breaking in the Shoes

Oh a beautiful Sunday in California. We are so fortunate in Northern California to have such gorgeous weather and the terrain to match. I used spend 6 days a week out in the trails, running and mountain biking. 5 years this was my training life. The best part was being in Mother Nature with my buddies. On top of that we had pretty darn awesome fitness levels and we won some races and became strong competitors in the 6-12 hour Adventure Racing Series. 

Those times are far removed but I never lost my love for being outdoors even if my love of trail running and mountain biking did subside. But, wanting more balance in life and in training my wife and I got some new trail shoes and today was a great day to break them in, together.

We went to Rancho San Antonio and did a short loop. Total of only 2.6 miles with a nice 1 mile consistent switch back climb. Having done this run numerous times it was slow tedious today but cannot expect much on the first run. I will be back at it Tuesday and either Thursday or Friday. Keeping them short and sweet, allowing the joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles and lungs to adapt.

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