Thursday, June 27, 2013

Heavier day, but not max

My shoulder still is packing that max effort press so took a bit of a different approach today. It's clearly the best it had been but still not where I am happy.

Close grip bench
225/2 x 5

Superset with

Chest to bar deadhang pullup.
5 x 5

Felt really powerful on the pull-ups and fast today. Clearly touching the bottom of my pecs at around nipple level. 

Close grip felt better as I warmed up. But good to hit the triceps a bit more directly because in my eyes my triceps are my weak link.

Double 36kg squats
5 x 5

This was great. Deep and strong in the position. Core felt strong and spine fully aligned with strong mobility. Stoked

Max effort single set military press
24kg/25 L
24kg/25 R

Hard, plain and simple. 

Finished with yoga. 

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